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Toy Bulldogs r the best !



The Minibull Project are a group of breeders situated in


Queensland Australia, we breed and sell only desexed pet


pups from health tested parents.


A replacement guarantee covers all pups, should one suffer a


serious, unfixable genetic/ congenital condition that cannot

be fixed by reasonable means, proof is required.


This site is the the static site for P S Daniell and M L Bryan


Mitchell St Charleville QLD  


                              Phone   0427 027 159

       Our registered QLD Breeder Identification number ( BIN ) is  BIN0000232678333 
                                   under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 
Check BIN number by following link, it must be entered exactly as written here:
BIN0000232678333   check number



                           ABN 18 438 093 034



Please click  link to visit our FACEBOOK page which is


updated more often than this website. Or link below to email.


                                      EMAIL US

                Please use this email address above just click



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